I tried out this technique called "emotion" that apparently makes you better than any flamenco/classical professional trained guitarist ever.

Made the lyrics up as I went (relying on my emotion of course). They are as follows:

I'm only playing three chords
But they're much better than regular chords because
I'm playing them with emotion
I am playing them with emotion
I am playing these three chords with emotion
So I am better than Buckethead
Listen to the solo, I'm playing it with emotion
It's just a simple scale, but I'm playing with emotion
It's only a couple of notes
But I'm playing with emotion, so it's better than shred
All the great guitarists sold their souls
So all their awesome songs are played with no emotion
Which makes them not good songs at all really
Because they have no emotion
Like this song that I'm playing now
Can't you hear the emotion
I'm not sweep picking I have emotion
People with emotion can't sweep pick
It's impossible
Only machines will sweep pick for you
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haha...nice davey
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Your songs never cease to amaze me. I also like how at the end you can hear a tv in the background .. adds to the emotion.
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Zomfg Dave I Havent Listened But This Is Amazing In Advance V4gina
Are those lyrics based on actual views of yours or a piss take?
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Are those lyrics based on actual views of yours or a piss take?

You decide.
Reminds of Tenacious D.

The solo drowns out your voice though - so that part's a bit of a haze and cloudy.

The one thing i hate hearing the most when someone crits a song, "there isn't any emotion". i applaud you for this song. it didnt sound half too bad either.
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When I was mixing the song I thought the solo didn't stand out enough. Now it stands out too much. It's overflowing with emotion I guess.
This song brought on some emotion for me. I couldn't sweep pick for a week.
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EDIT: on the guitar
EDIT EDIT: in playing with my guitar

Niocee Davey nice.
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tune our guitar

I LOL'ed
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This song brought on some emotion for me. I couldn't sweep pick for a week.

lol, it definately had no emotion in it.......