hi what flanger should i get i play mostly offspring and ratm? i know morello uses a DFL-10 but none of my music shops have any in stock and if i dont get me DFL-10 im gonna get a BF-3 and what settings should i set my flange to to get morello tone like guerilla radio eg. depth 5 O'clock and Rate 3 O'clock?
Each flanger pedal is special so depending on the make and model you'll have to tweak on you're own. I personally own a BF-2 and don't use it a tremendous amount. Sounds so much better clean than distorted. I find it only sounds good on the distortion channel when playing octaves.
Well have you tried either out? It's all a matter of your preference bud, because my selection or anybody else's on here could be way different than you want.
Well i play mostly Rage Against the Machine and Offspring so would that help and if i saw a DFL-10 somewhere should i get it?
I'd go with the Boss before the DFL-10. If you like more really interesting and even whacked out sounds get the japanese model. I find it produces a lot more versatility than the other models. Once again though, that's just my opinion.