Terrible. You need to learn about measures and time signitures. You have some with 2/4 and others with 7/8. Learn some theory and then start writing music.
a lot of it sounded almost jumbled together, like you had good ideas with combining rhythms, but it got too be too much, and some notes sounded a bit off, and yah the time was a bit off as well, but it wasnt "horrible" ^. . . but needs work, as does every song, also try using bars to seperate the measures, by copying and pasting the section, it will automatically put them in bars, just a little trick to keep things organized, im not trying to be a jerk, and hopefully im not, thats the last thng i want, just giving suggestions to help out, hope i was helpful, and if you ever have questions or anything, just PM me or email me. . .