I only have about $120-$150 to spend, is this the best choice or is there a better amp in my price range?

It will just be used for practicing in my room so volume won't be a problem.

Thanks in advanced for any and all help!
I was also thinking about the Vox Pathfinder 15R...my teacher has that amp in the lessons room and it's pretty nice.

Which amp do you think is better?
Ive heard the Vox DA5 is a good practice amp and its portable (batteies)

It has great effects and has a switch to change the wattage to save power when using battery power. I watched the video review of it in guitar world, it completly rocked, it sounded like it had way better tone and efects than my Cube-30.
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Yeah, Vox DA5 is great. The DA5 and MicroCube are both equally great, only I think the DA5's effects aren't as good, but the Cube's speaker tends to break up at full power....

Nothing to worry about, though.

The Vox DA5 has 11 sounds, I think. The Cube has 7 but more varied ones.
typically. the cube is better for high gain use.

the vox is better at the classic rock stuff.

both are the best bedroom amps anywhere near this price range.

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i also have a microcube, i bought it before the vox came out, so i never got to compare.
i think the microcube is great for just practicing, pretty good onboard effects etc. only problem with mine is when playing anything palm muted on either the marshall or the rectifier mode, the speaker farts out pretty bad. it actually does get annoying, but hey, what do ya expect for a practice amp.

edit: ya know, now that i think about it, ive never heard anyone else complaining about speakers farting out on the low end maybe i just got a lemon? does anyone know of any way to fix this problem?