I got my guitar not to long ago and i am starting to get good but what is the easiest song that i should try to learn to play first i know most of the 60's-80's and really need help
yellow submarine by the beatles. dorky, but good chord changing practice, which is an essential skill for beginners to learn. not for absolute beginners perhaps but you did say you were "getting good," whatever that may mean
advice id give is to not to spend too much time learning power cords, i spent way too much time playing them and regret it. A good song to learn is ACDC 'back in black, some good cord changes.
When I started playing, I learnt about 15 open chords and how to change chords decently...If you can handle the major chords C, C7, D, D7, E, E7, G, G7, A, A7, B7 and minor chords Dm, Em and Am, that should get you going, since these are most commonly used chords for folk/pop/rock ballad songs...You can also play F chord like this:


It´s probably easier to play than a full barre chord
I'm a Believer by the Monkees. It's 3 simple chords and there's that one riff at the end of the chorus, which isn't too hard. But it's good practice.
It's also a very good song which most other peoiple like so you can show them.
There's a few tabs for it on Ultimate-Guitar.
It's quick changes between C and G, which is good practice also
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