I basically just wanted to know who here writes the blues, bc i figured everyone in here plays the blues, but thats only the half of it.

its also about singing the blues... and if you do feel free to give examples of your own blues lyrics. and i didnt wanna put this in the song writing one bc this is for the blues and what is in there is def. not anything near the blues.

so if you got some blues lyrics feel free to lat them down. i for one will be appreciative.

Holy Terror blues.

Wrote it myself.

The vocals aren't great, I know, and I'm not that great of a slide guitarist. Plus, the recording quality is crap due to my microphone.
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I write the blues, my lyrics and solos are extremely bluesy, but my riffs are more like blues-rock.

EDIT: so actually it's blues rock...
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i try not to stick to the classic blues lyrics where you repeat the first line twice then have a end line and keep doing that over and over. ill use bluesy progressions and licks but put regular style lyrics over them. kinda like life by drop and stuff like that. i actually find it hard to stick to the classic way. i cant really think of anything.
^ Yeah I know what you mean. Seems like those songs are so simple but yet at the same time there so hard to write a song that will be so famous as something like Sky is Crying.

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I play blues every now and then, but I haven't gotten around to writing a blues song. It's a bit deceptive: people rag on it because it's based around three chords, but the trick is making something memorable out of those three chords, and knowing that there are already tons of people who have made great songs using the same blueprint. I'll get around to writing one someday, though, when I get some good ideas together that sound a little unique.
I have come up with a few cool things musically for a blues song of my own, but i struggle with lyrics (and singing, for that matter). I have come up with some fair blues lyrics on a kind of spur of the moment thing, but i always forget them.
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I have a tendancy to come up with blues lyrics and riffs all the time, then not write them down and forget them.
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I'm in a blues band, w don't consider our selves soulful really or anythin like htat. (we have very little to be blue about anyway)

we just have.

liste if you want :


(the thing called UG-solo is a solo I did as an improvised thing just for a competition thing in the R and R bit.)
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I just come up with blues instrumentals. There is a guy who posted a blues insturmental type thing but he used keyboards and a bass and it was groovy, not like the shred "blues" crud people post it really did sound like something from a seedy 1950's blues bar it was quite amazing and I told him so, Ill put the link once the site is back up.

Edit: here I found link, http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=246457
what do you think of that guy? I dig it
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