Ok, Im looking for something versatile. My band doesnt really play anything too heavy. No screaming or growling involved. I like the mesa boogie sound, but I cant afford one at the moment.
A friend of my gives this amp high scores, Basically, Is it versatile?
How's the clean?
How's the distortion.
Ive seen pages on how to mod in rectifiers, And I may do that.
60 watts is plenty loud enough for my applications, and my old tube amp is too quiet.
Just because I didnt see anything, It's an all tube class A correct?
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I recently demo'ed the Hot Rod Deville 4x10 at Guitar Center lately. I liked it. I am considering buying one myself. I have been told by several people that it sounds awesome with a tube screamer in front of it. Let me know what you decide, I'd be interested in knowing. By the way the distortion is good, but maybe not hot enough for metal or anything hardcore. It's a Fender, so, the clean is as good as it gets.
The hot rod deville is a great amp. Excellent cleans, awesome natural overdrive, can get great rock sounds with a good pedal (tubescreamer, stupid box, fulltone '69), an all around great amp. You'll never be sorry you own that amp.
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Play one dammit.

And yea, they're really nice clean amps, and are great with overdrives and pedals.
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