I'm getting this amp in a week, and I'm switching out the tubes w/ JJs and getting a Jensen P8R alnico speaker for it as well. It's going to be used as a practice amp, and I really like the sounds from it, but I'd like to able to drive it more without getting too much distortion. In other words an OD pedal.

I'd like it to keep the warmth, but be more saturated and whatnot, but not become fizzy and trebly. I'd also like to be able to run it in front of my marshall dsl100 on the dirty channel to boost the gain on it as well. Normally I would spend as much as needed to achieve this, but at the moment I only have around $60-70 for this. So no tubescreamer or maxon. Basically I'm debating between the DOD yngwie pedal and a boss SD-1. I plan on eventually getting a modded SD-1 from Keeley, but I found the yngwie pedal for only $30 new at zzounds, and I requested a price match from MF, but they will never get back to me because they have THE ****tiest customer service ever conceived. I've never been a fan of DOD, but some say it doesn't color your tone as much, and that the boss tends to.

Any input would be appreciated.
The DOD overdrive, can't remeber what it's called, but that little vintage-looking yellow one is really good for what you need.

If you're going for a boss, make sure it's an OD-3, as they're really good.

Also, I dunno if this fits your price range, but try the MXR distortion plus. It's the yellow one with two knobs. It's really good and won't mess up your original tone.
NO just get a Marshall Bluesbreaker overdrive seems right up your ally
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