i just changed my strings a few days ago from 9s (fender stock strings) to 10s and tightened the trem claw when the bridge floated too high. now my fretboard is slightly bent i think due to the higher string gauge.

how do i adjust the truss rod?
1) using what?
2) which direction?
3) how much to turn?
4) and how to tell whether its working.
With what: When you bought your guitar, they should have included a hex key wrench (allen wrench). if it doesnt, you can get a hex key set at any hardware store
What direction: counter clockwise if it is a strat
how much: slight turns maybe about 5 degrees each attempt
how to tell: after you turn the truss rod, try playing a few licks to see if it suits your preferred height. if its still high, keep turning counter clockwise. also look at the bridge plate to see if it has lowered.

hope this helps
Guy above is pretty much right, but you should wait about 10-15 minutes between turns, just to make sure the wood has adjusted right. When you start playing again, right away, it might not feel good so you turn even more, then the next day it's flat as hell because the neck didn't have time to adjust to the trussrod force.
how bent is it?
is the action now too high? even after u adjusted the saddles?
if uve already adjusted the action at the saddles. and find u still dont like how the guitar is playing now. ..

u should, measure ur neck angle.

Fret the Low E at the first fret. at the same time.
Fret the Low E at the 17th, about where the neck and body meet.

with both places held, look at the 7-8th fret.

if the string is more than a credit cards thickness up from the fret wire there, then u have too much bend.
if its laying on the fret wire there, u dont have enough bend.

now that u know how far u need to go, to get it back to where it was...

if u have too much gap, u use an allen wrench. and u turn the nut a 1/8" turn CLOCKWISE. (u might have to detune the strings a little, before the turn. u shouldnt force the turn or u could break the rod. )

u wait an hour. retune, remeasure and see if its closer to where u want it to be.

if not make another 1/8" turn an wait.

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