My question is simple. Can you get buy them seperatly? And can you put them on another brand of guitar (ESP for example)?
What the hell is the internet?
strap buttons and strap locks tend to be pretty universal and will fit most guitars
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Any kind of straplock will fit on any guitar. You just unscrew the old strap button adn put the new one on.

I never knew Fender made straplocks, but I'll advise you to get Schaller. They're more common and they're the best ones available. Just make sure you screw them in properly!

My advice: when you take the screw out, fill the hole with matchsticks and a drop of wood glue, then screw the straplocks in tightly. That way, the screw won't come out (as it did with me. Not a pleasant experience. My guitar flew across the room and hit the bed and floor.)
Oh i thought only fender made strap locks. I was told that if i was planing on throwing m guitar around my body i should get fender strap locks. but since im not a fan of fender's i thought i could have a problem.
What the hell is the internet?
the Fender straplocks look alot like Schaller....I'd buy Schaller.

Schaller, Fender, Q Parts, they all make straplocks that seem to possibly be interchangeable, that is, you could buy all of them and mix up th eparts and it might still work. They use a button on the guitar that you put your strpa on, then a piece that slides over the button and locks onto it.

Dunlop makes a straplock also, I believe it works like air hose parts, using ball bearings to hold onto itself. Part of it stays on your strap, so you canot use it right away on another guitar unless it too has dunlop straplocks.

And yes, defeinnitely fix up the old hole with a toothpick. I prefer using epoxy and completely redrilling the hole (in the same spot) but the other way works just fine too.