You might want to boost your volumes a little bit, I'm assuming this was just one take, playing while singing, which makes it trickier, even though I prefer it when people do it like that and add whatever later. Sounds better IMO, so nice work there. You have a good voice, the timing was kind of awkward in parts, more noticeably in the beginning verse and chorus, it just doesn't flow like the original. Like, you pronounciated the different words correctly, it just seemed kind of choppy, and detracted from the quality. The sound quality was also kind of low, but that could just be the volume. Guitar sounded nice, I think you were just kind of far from the mic or something. There were a few minor timing issues with the guitar I noticed, but nothing significant.

Overall, it was good, I liked it. Better than the other covers of that song that I've heard recently.

Thanks for critting mine.
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Until_it_sleeps for the motherfucking win!!!
^Refering to loopypoopy's cover perhaps?

I liked it. I really can't find anything to say about it that's wrong. But on the same note it wasn't something that rendered my speechless. You could put even more emotion into your voice, I think.
They say the old woman's got the wisdom
'Cause she couldn't read the clock anymore
She said "The numbers don't represent the moments"
Says she don't see what all the ticking's for