ok, im tryin to get a new amp and move onfrom my spider 6 head. i love it to death and get some good ass sounds form it, but i just cant get the tone im searchin for.

i am lookin at the randall Cyclone and VMAX.

i have never tested these amps before, but ive heard millions of soundclips on each amp. so i was wondering this

on harmony central, all the reviews on the cyclone sayed that the distortion was way to fuzzy, so you can use the built to make it not fuzzy right?

then, on the VMAX, is it true that the clean sucks major ass when its tured up to distortion level volume? or can a chorus help it.

and third, should i just say **** it, get a peavey5150, an A/B splitter box, and use the spider for cleans becuase i get the perfect clean sounds that dont distort at high volumes. and use the peavey for dirty?

the third question is kinda like a last resort thing. but if this helps, im tryin to get like a Dime sound, mainly songs like Hard Lines, Sunken Cheeks, 5 Min. Alone, It Makes Them Dissapear, and Drag The Waters. but im not tryin to get them dead on, i just want close to them. i want my own sound, so im not gonna copy Dime's.

so if anyone can answer my questions, it would be good

R.I.P. Dime
"Forever Shred On"
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I own a Randall RH100G2. Major mistake for me. I just don't like the way it sounds. I've even tried to sell it on consignment at a local store. It sat for months, no takers. I don't know about the two specific models that you indicate, but let me tell you about mine. The clean channel is not bad, in fact it is almost twice as loud as the dirty channels. When you crank it, it is just too bright with no body or guts. No matter how I tweak the controls, I just can't get what I want out of it. It might be fine for metal? I don't know, that's not what I'm into. It will get loud, but that's about it. I'm looking for a new amp myself. Do what I'm doing. Take your time and try each amp for yourself. Don't buy sight unseen! Listen to what others suggest, but, make up your own mind. After all, you have to be happy with it.