Hi , im tony and new to the site, ive been trying to teach myself acoustic for a cpl of years, although can play a bit , it would be cool to practice with somebody, i thought it may be possible to do this through msn or yahoo, with a cam and mic, not sure if this is practicle, any advice, or if any one would be up for giving it a try let me know, i wrk long hours and time is at a premium so to have one on one lessons with a tutor is qt difficult as cannot commit to set times each week, and i know no one else who can play or is learning,, tried to conv the wife to learn with me, but she has got her head in the Harry potter books
I'm looking for a practice buddy too. Well, a practice buddy-ette, anyway.


Wrong forum dude. You wanna be here.
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Theres too much of a delay to really play with anyone over the internet
You've never tried it, obviously...


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Oh, please. Anyone with an Eminem avatar obviously lacks manhood.
Hmmm if you have yahoo account we can do it there there is a buch of empty rooms all the time so if u wana do it also. so u wana do it?
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where are you from...?

hi i am sagar i want to play a well guitar and i am not getting a good teacher. I want to learn about fingering and good skill of timeing please help me out for it