i've yet to see anyone do a shadows fall cover. so here one is, the power of i and i.
i know the sweeps toward the end need work, but overall i think its pretty good, let me know what you think.

nice job.
the tone could be a little better.

sloppy when it get's to the first verse

how come u didn't harmonize it?
I never see Shadows Fall covers on here. Good to finally see some more.

It'd sound a lot better if you could double-track this. A few parts were iffy but overall it was decent. Good job.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. Where'd you get the BT?
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i get all my backing tracks from UG, i find a guitar pro tab that sounds as close as possible and just mute all the guitars and go from there. my guitar is tuned a half step down with a FR which i dont feel like changing so sometimes i have to edit that on guitar pro
That was awesome, the only problem I saw was that tou need to lay down another track, to beef up the tone and add the harmonies. Spectacular work though, especially the solo.

By the way, heres a link to one of my covers, Ruin by lamb of god. Feel free to crit.