So heres the deal,

I need to know what pedal i need to build and i need yo know where i can find a schematic for it (and maybe even a veroboard layout if you are extremely kind). I want to build a pedal which will boost my mids, however i think it would also be nice to have a switch on there so i can select whether it adds a little bit of treble or bast on the boost aswell, so i can go from getting a mark knopfler bass and mids boost. to a santana type mids and treble boost.

Does anyone have any ideas. or any way to mod an existing schem to have the extra function i want?

cheers for any help.
This is exactly what you are looking for. I wanted to do it as my first build, but chose not to. If anyone would create a veroboard layout for it, me and you would both be extremely greatful!


Treble Boost (On/Off)
Bass Boost (On/Off)
Mid Boost (Boost/Off/Cut)
1800 what are you trying to show me, theres no link in that post. And seljer that looks pretty good, you wouldnt happen to know where i could find a veroboard layout for that would ya? i cant find perfboard around here and i prefer to use veroboard anyway.

Thanks for all the help, much quicker than i expected and is exactly what i wanted!
I meant to put the link to the Mr. EQ, but Seljer put it so there you go. Sorry about that. . Told you it was exactly what you wanted. ..but forgot to post the link .
yup, cheers dude, ive just got to work out how to put it onto veroboard now, unless someone would like to undertake that task for me.

EDIT: what are those caps called which are polarised (or whatever you call them?)
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yup, cheers dude, ive just got to work out how to put it onto veroboard now, unless someone would like to undertake that task for me.

EDIT: what are those caps called which are polarised (or whatever you call them?)

I am going to try to ask someone on another forum to make a veroboard so if he does, I will send you it.

They are radial electrolytic caps.
thanks, (the big blues cylindrical ones right?)

another question, with the footswich, SPDT is true bypass right? and would i need a momentary action or a locking one?

EDIT: yet another edit, y'all are gonna hate me for htese, but is a 74 HC 4049 N Logic from here suitable for use in this circuit? i think it is the same but it i always better to be safe than sorry
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are you located somewhere where you cant order from Small Bear? Because they have it exact if you type in the code. http://www.smallbearelec.com/Detail.bok?no=231

Heres some different color radial electrolytic caps: http://www.futurlec.com/Pictures/CapacitorElectrolytic2.jpg
would it work with the pot in the place of the switch because if so it looks sweet! and has less components to confuse myself with than the MR EQ
Yea it does look sweet and easier. I am definatley building this one next. Seljer can probably answer the pot instead of the switch, but I am pretty sure that you cant. Its a switch to change between 2 or 3 things (including off). It doesnt look like it can change values from 0-10 like a pot, but change between 2 or 3 settings on the switch.
Thanks. I have seen that, but I that would mean I need A LOT of switches for all im doing.

I just typed up a material list for this pedal so I can check out the items. If you want me to send it to you, tell me.

I have a question regarding this. Not sure if you, thesumoftwo, can answer though so im asking everyone else: How do you break the strip's connection in some areas. Where it shows the red box with the red dot, it means that you have to disconnect that part of the strip from either side. How do you do this?
you can buy special strip cutters, however you can just take a drill with what will need to be a relatively small drill bit and drill through the copper track, not necessarily all the way through, but enough to ensure that the copper track is fully broken
Ok thanks. Soon im ordering parts. Im probably ordering packs of 300 resistors and packs of 100-200 capacitors, and a pack of transistors. And then I will get a few individuals for this pedal specifically.
that what im doing right now, im working out what i need and for all the pedals i plan to build and i am going to order in bulks of like 100 transistors at once for like £0.99 and those can be like 20 of each kind so its not quite as extreme as yours but its close
Its the same. Its a pack of 100 transistors, a pack of 300 resistors, a pack of 200 mylar film capacitors. http://www.futurlec.com/ValuePacks.shtml . I dont know where they ship but you may be able to get them.
I got 2000 resistors for 10$ US. You guys are n00bs.

And the pot thing won't really work(after a brief overview of the layout, it's conceivable I might be wrong.)
I'm not very active here on UG currently.
I'm a retired Supermod off to the greener pastures of the real world.
No idea on the pot thing, find me a schematic of the thing and I can tell you as its hard to tell stuff from just a layout.
with the pots, theres different ones for tone and volume isnt there, logorithmic and linear arent they? which is which?
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with the pots, theres different ones for tone and volume isnt there, logorithmic and linear arent they? which is which?

Audio/Log (A)= Volume
Linear (B) = Gain/Tone/Etc.
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Audio (A)= Volume
Linear (B) = Gain/Tone/Etc.

not neccesarily, it entirely depends on how the pedal is designed

my RAT has got 3 log pots for everything, a tubescreamer somehow has got a linear pot for level.

though yeah, in general use an audio taper for a simple volume control, the rest is up to the design of the circuit. The only thing that goes wrong is that the sweep is all funny.
http://www.smallbearelec.com/Detail.bok?no=160 . Its for biasing the transistors. You may get a strange feedback until you adjust this, with a screwdriver, to sound right. When its misbiased, on my fuzz pedal, I get a strange synth sound.

EDIT: Heres the trimpots on my 4uzz. It is the blue square with the white center:

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trimpots are basically just like regular potentiometers, except they're for things you only have to set once so they're mounted directly on the board and you adjust tehm with a screwdrive

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does anyone know of a UK version of smallbearelec?

http://banzaieffects.com/ is in germany, don't think theres anyone closer thats guitar-effect oriented

for general stuff you have http://www.maplin.co.uk/ and http://uk.farnell.com/jsp/home/homepage.jsp and a couple of others (haven't really used them but they exist there...)
hmmm, I'm trying to find somewhere UK based that i can buy in bulk from, it works out cheaper and will levae me with the ability to just randomly build things etc.

im looking through ebay shops but cant seem to find any that stock everything i want, anymore iedas anyone?
thats much closer, i think its just going to be a case of lots and lots of research till i find that perfect site.

damn everyone living in america, your so much better resourced than we are for this.