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I though it might be fun to know what kinda pick size you use and why.
I use 2.0mm picks myself don't really know why i guess its becouse i started with thick pick.. for my classical guitar i use 0.5mm picks
several threads already. . .

But dunlop nylons 1.0 mm, or gator .96. . .
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.93mm or so. Its really more a thing of stiffness than thickness, as long as its not too bendy its fine.
.73 dunlop, but i cut the edges to give them a point. much cleaner and articulate that way, and pinch harmonics are easier
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1.14 dunlop purple ones

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2.0mm for my electric, .73 to .93 for my acoustic.
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depends, sometimes i like 1.5 mm and sometimes i use 3.0mm (not a typo, i like to use bass picks on a guitar sometimes, gives it a thicker sound)
Whatever I find around my house.
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Blue Dunlop Tortexes, 1.00 mm for electric. Black Jim Dunlops, 1.00 mm, for acoustic.
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I think I'm gonna stop buying picks.

Because my damn friend always steals em.
Dunlop Tortex .88's

Best picks. Ever.
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1.5 Gator Grips are the Most Comfortable Easy to play, but If I'm doing alot of Tremelo Picking, Then I'll Use 2.0 Gator Grips, because my tremelo picking sucks with 1.5's for some reason. And I always use 2.0 Gator Grips if I'm going to use a pick on bass.
Usealy anything around 1.5 MM Dunlop seems to have an endless suply of them so thats what i'm using right now
Whatever Fender mediums and heavies are...

This one seems to have escaped my ever-mighty sight!

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.73's are just right.
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.96 Purple Gator Grips they are really awesome. I have been using the them for a while now.
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I though it might be fun to know what kinda pick size you use and why.
I use 2.0mm picks myself don't really know why i guess its because i started with thick pick.. for my classical guitar i use 0.5mm picks

i used to use some cheap picks but i could not do strumming at all...

i switched to a "Fender 351 Premium Celluloid Pick" in blue medium....well i ordered medium but they gave me thin which is not as thin at the older picks i could not use at all..those were .060

I'm not sure what these "fender thin" picks are but i do know they are top notch for my playing...i got 12 of them and they are all i use.
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Dunlop .73

cant stand anything thicker than 1mm.

can't stand anything thicker and you play power metal?
dunlop tortex blue 1.00mm. perfect for me. not big enough to destroy my strings but thick enough not to bend. somtimes when i need more flexibility i use dunlop tortex red .50mm.
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I just can't stand thins for some reason.

In numbers, I like .7-1.0

Dunlops are my fave brand. Gator Grip/Tortex <3
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i think it is mainly 1.0 mm
or 2.0 mm

cant remember
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Dunlop Tortex .88's

Best picks. Ever.

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Fender Celluloid Mediums (0.96mm)
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