We had some great lead to go in as well, but we couldn't be assed to do it.
Just pretend its in when you crit.
Awesome lead, indeed . I like it. I don't that I'd call it Beatles, it's definitely nice. The backing vocals are pretty sweet too. Good all around, not much for me to crit.
The Bogrolls have done it again. Good to see a familiar face around here, I havent been on for a while. Very "Walrus" lyrics. As with all your songs they just make me smile and laugh, I love it. Musically its excellent too. I hope you guys never lose that unique style, and something tells me you never will. Long live the Rolls.

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Very nice, love the backing vocals, really nice, the rythm guitar progression is catchy as nice. The bass is very simple, but keeps a groove going, good job with that too. You guys should really get some sort of better recording gear, your music deserves better than this sound quality.

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Sweet stuff. I didn't think the recording quality was bad at all, then again't that's probably just me comparing to my own cheap gear.

Anyways, nice music. Not exactly Beatles-esque, but maybe something along the lines of some folk-rock band from the 70s. Nice vocals, nice drumming, nice guitarwork. The lyrics are odd, but I'm sure you already knew that

Crit for crit?
This song was mainly by Nohl, and he isnt into the beatles. I'm the Beatles fan in our band haha. I did the drumming, backing vox, and helped on the lolrics. Now to return some crits.
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Nice songs
not really bad recording better than what I have
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im loving your style, almost comic lyrics with good guitar work going on in the background, the drums are okay and your voice/ voices are very gd and sound gd next to each othe, i like the lalalalalalala bits and again the lyrics haha, if it weren't for the lyrics i'd say it has a beatleish vibe to it and the chorus is quite catchy, keep it up

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