holy ****, that is freaking cool, the beginning sounded a bit in flames, with the strings, the leads are great, and the rhythm definatly compliments them perfectly,, and im typing and listening, and it just keeps getting better, lol, like i have to stop and go, "Damn", lol the clean piano is cool for the ending, it transitions very well, kick ass song man!!!
oh man haha thank you! I was going for some slower simpler stuff here and I've been trying to add keyboard parts to everything I can recently...I dont see the in flames but its a good compliment lol. thanks a lot for the comments!
I didn't like the intro. At all.

Liked the solo a lot.
And then the parts after the solo sounded awesome.

You have great lead lines here, and the rhythm compliments them well.

The ending was very random, but I liked it nonetheless.

Overall, it was good. Great lead lines. Flowed very well.
Big thumbs up.

You may have already done this, I dunno
but if you haven't given mine a crit
would ya mind doing so?
link in my sig
Spiral Out
thanks a lot! well the intro, I just wanted a cool bass thing or something lol, but thanks for the comments

I just gave yours a crit, lookie
Pretty cool song, but the rhythm kind of gets boring to me. Some of the parts are kind of ear grating such as measure 21-25. The harmonization is a bit off on some parts in that single section. Measure 59-63 sound kind of funky too, the notes seem slightly mismatched. Besides that it's pretty cool, not my style of music but it's pretty cool. Here's a link to mine, feel free to critisize it. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=389675
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