I'm looking for a Loud (plenty of power in gigs) Tube Amp that's crisp and clean at volume. I don't really want a distortion channel so i'm looking for maybe just the clean chanell. I want an amp that won't get overdriven and it won't break the favorite tones of my pedals. Looking to spend at least 1500 usd to 2500 usd.
hiwatt tube amps are known for thier extreme headroom (the amount of volume you get before the amp breaks up). IDK if you can find a used one thats in your budget, but they are definately worth a shot.

otherwise id say look into some fender tube amps. Fender is known for a distinct clean channel that many people like.
that new hughes and kettner amp is INSANE. that amp simple owns
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Fenders have great cleans

I love you, couldent be more right.

Check out the new Twin Amp... 100watts all tube-1200dollars at musicians friend
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at that price you really have A LOT of options.
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I was gonna' suggest a Fender Twin, but if you can afford Hiwatts, Matchless' and stuff like that, then go for them.

But make sure you try before you buy if you're payin' that much.
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The Fender Twin is a classic clean amp, you really can't go wrong, lots of techies with cool mods for them, and you'll always get your money back later if need be.
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Hiwatts and Fenders are both great clean amps, although they're both going to have some pros and cons. A Hiwatt amp will be stretching your bugdet for one. Also, the Hiwatt would be a stack which means it would be harder to take places. The Fender is comfortably within your budget, and is a lot more portable. However, the Hiwatt will have a bit more headroom than the Fender, and will be a little more mellow (Fenders have very glassy cleans). Although, the Fender has a lot of clean tones sculpting features like mid cut, high cut and bass cut. Either way, you'll be happy with either amp.
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i bought a fender twin and love it. you'll be lucky if the amp breaks up at 8. i just bought 2 modded pedals for any gain i need. overall great amp for cleans
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Hiwatts do stay very clean but they're EXTREMELY hard amps to play. If you aren't close to the best then a hiwatt may not be the best choice, by all means try one (and prove me wrong) but most people try them and go "WTF? Why do people rate these so highly?" the answer is they now how to work an amp.

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