My latest... Crit4Crit of course. Enjoy.

?Thoughts of Fate by an Ill-Fated Man.?
As I walk down the streets on a cold, rainy November day,
I am hurried along by a great sense of unsettlement;
A restlessness of the soul, as if I were haunted by my shadow.
And while the footsteps fall and echo, I miss the screaming signs
Of greater opportunities that I have rushed on by or missed altogether.
I?ve been told that this life is one in a million; a wish cast upon a star,
But for me to believe in such slander would be arrogance supreme.
The odds of me falling short seem to smile wider each passing day,
Given the haste with which I am hurdled towards nothing at all.
Moving in motions circular is choreographed for me each morning,
And sleeping alone is written upon my bill each night.
The truest thorn in the side is making peace with oneself.
Each significance that dots this place is simply drifting on;
Every building block used to assemble will come undone,
Scatter to the unimaginable depths of the universe,
And become the dust from which it came.
Unsettling as it may seem with such vivid life passing me by,
I am given a fleeting sense of hope as the rain touches my face.
In this moment I envision a glimpse of the serenity that awaits;
Barely a keyhole wide, but wide enough for the key to fit.
When my time has come to open that door great and wide,
Ill prepared or ready, at least I know I walk with my key in stride.