Hey all.
Lately, I've been in the mood to write some songs, and Im doing pretty well. I have about 5 quite good songs in my opinion.

I was messing around with Open D5 tuning, and came up with this interesting progression.
Its kinda a slow-ish song. Ive tabbed out the verse. The top tab is the actual progression including notes I've added onto the chords to make it more interesting.

The bottom tab is the basic chord progression. I've wrote the chord names as well (I think they're correct).

The thing is, Ive got an intro and a verse now, but i cant think of a chorus chord progression. So I thought if I knew the theory behind this progression it would help me.

So my questions are:
1) What Mode / scale could i use for this progression
2) What other chords/notes could sound good with this progression
3) Are those the chord names best suited for this progression
4) Any other theory comments would be appriciated as well.

Ill try get a sound clip of the progression up so you know what it sounds like in comparison to the tab.

Thanks in advance,


    Bm7       A5               D5                  Asus4(add9)

This is a very quick recording of it, sorry for the crap quality
Its 44kb big and around 30 seconds long.
You will need quicktime to listen to it sorry, its a .amr file (from my phone)
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Asus4add9= A C# D E B
A E C# D D
is the chord you have.
I don't see the add9.... unless I'm missing something.

not that it's really important.

Bm7 A5 D5 Asus4

well, the A5 and D5 don't have tonality but the sus4 has the major third in it. So, I'd be guessing D major or A major.
I'd guess A. in A its ii I IV I. With this I'd try some sort of E chord, probably one right after the A, probably even an Esus4 since the 4 is A.

If it's D, the progression is vi V I V, and I'd try to throw in a G chord in there. I think it's A more so because there are E's within the chords but no G's.
Anyways, if it's D, try a G chord. Perhaps even a Gadd9 if you do it at the end so that it keeps the D once again.

For scale this would be, uh, D major or A major.

3) Are those the chord names best suited for this progression

My only question was the (add9) on the Asus4.
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