...hurts like hell. Maybe I've been holding the neck wrong these past 6 months. Any suggestions?
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On subject, just don't play through pain.
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my thumb used to hurt and i always had it to the left of the notes i was playing.. but then after a year it stopped hurting.
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I play, and my left thumb starts hurting?
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I play, and my left thumb starts hurting?

Would common sense not tell you to either stop playing until the pain leaves, or hold the guitar differently?
Mine did that too...it hurts really bad....um...do hand warm-ups..? I guess, idk. I crack my knuckles before I start, and that stops the pain somewhat.
Maybe your overplaying?
How do you hold your thumb when you play?
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what people say is correct techinique is to have your thumb behind the neck and behind about the g string all the time, except for when bending and doing a vibrato.
I went through this about 5 months or so into my playing actually, especially while doing a lot of barre chords. I don't think its too much to be concerned about unless it hurts every day when you wake up and pick up the guitar. I think eventually your thumb will adapt and get stronger to support movements with more pressure.

as far as holding the neck 'wrong' that's an issue of comfort IMO, if it feels natural to you the way you were holding it, i'm sure its fine, everyones hands are different :p If you know you aren't holding it naturally, then try to work something in that feels less pressuring on your hand....but the human body is pretty much configured to naturally assume the least pressuring positions...so unless ur trying REALLY hard to hold it in some odd way, you should be fine.

if your wrist starts hurting on the other hand, then that would be something to worry about :p I say just give this thumb thing a couple of weeks and it should go away...if not then see a doctor in the worst case:/
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i have a small callous sort of on the left thumb at the bottom where I press against neck when I play...this happens after playing songs requireing lots of moving from high to low octaves etc....not hard but just fun songs to play and gets u to hurt and eventually the pain stops...same for ur left fingers
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