So ive been looking at guitars and im between the Epi les paul standard and the Epi g-400. (or maybe and Sg)

Could you guys tell me about the kind of sound they give and what type of music their each used for? it would be a huge help.

Thanks guys
the g400 and the sg are about the same, and used for hard rock mostly, altho it can do blues and classic rock too

the les paul can be used for anything, although you would want to change the pickups if youre going to do HEAVY metal

i have a gibson sg, and it great.

The gibson les paul is the best guitar, but i hear the epiphone version isn't so good.

if i were you i would go with the sg, because its pretty much thehighest quality epiphone guitar
i dont play any metal or real hard rock. mostly modern kinda pop rock (idk what to call it) and not so hardcore stuff. i also cant afford the gibson stuff.

so the epiphone les paul isnt good?

what kind of sound do they both give though?
if you don't play real heavy stuff, like if you play pop rock, or punk or classic rock, then you might want to check out a MIM standard strat (fender)
about 2 years. im decent, no guitar prodigy or anything ha. i just love playing and always have it around my neck. but ya about 2 years
tbh, i would say G-400, because the body is lighter which gives a brighter sound, and imo the epi les pauls, because hte build quality is not quite as good, can sound too dark, so G-400 all the way
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if you think the les paul would be better cause its like $80 more, your wrong. they are the same quality but the sg shaped guitars are easier to make. i have played both, and the other day i ordered the vintage g-400 which is the same except for the finish. i would say the g-400 because it actually feels more solid than the les paul because its all mahogany, not mahogany and alder.