I'm thinking about buying a Jackson DKMG Arch Top ($700). It comes with EMG 81/85 pickups and it has a Low Profile Floyd Rose locking tremolo.

I play older metal stuff like Metallica (Pre-load), Megadeth, Slayer, and Iron Maiden. I'm pretty sure that this guitar would be good for that kind of music, but I have never played one. So this is where I'm asking for opinions about the Jackson DKMG.

(I would go try one out for myself but all the music stores around here are stocked with nothing but Fender, Gibson, and Dean guitars.)

I play through a couple of Fender PA amps w/some really big Peavey amps. I also use a Boss GT-8 (Don't know if any of this info is even useful)
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Nope, not that I know of. Everyone I know that plays has some kind of Squire or BC Rich Warlock. My dad has a friend that has 3 Jacksons, but he's in PA and I'm in Virginia.
I'd buy it. You'd just need to change the floyd rose to an original one.
I love the necks on those jacksons super thin and super fast....it sounds like the tone would about fit for what you would like to play also.
i own a Jackson DKMG and it sounds great going through my tube Marshall JCM 2000...i play a lot of the same music you do especially pre-Load Metallica and it's a pretty good guitar for it...the only problem i have is a buzz on the 1st string but i haven't changed it in a while so that might be the problem

it's got a nice neck and it's pretty fast for playing thrash rhythm and stuff...i can't say how good it is for shred cause i'm just now learning how to shred

but yea i would highly suggest this guitar...it's one of my favorites along with my Les Paul

EDIT: it's very nice for thrash and older metal