My ring finger is too damn short to reach the third fret on the D string. My hands are small in general actually.... I'm asian lol.

I remember someone saying an easier way to do an F major, forgot which thread it was.
just keep practcing, you fingers will grow out eventually. im asian also, and my fingers were short to start off with. its weird, they start growing out when you practice alot

They actually don't grow....by practising you'll be able to do wider spreads with your left hand fingers very soon.
By F do you mean the full barre or the other?


Is one way, the other is:


And of course the last alternative is the powerchord, lol.
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And of course the last alternative is the powerchord, lol.

But that wouldn't be Fmaj.

Here are some different inversions and voicings, try getting your hands around some of these and see which one suits you best.

If you play F major your ring finger isn't supposed to be on the D string but on the A string.
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If you play F major your ring finger isn't supposed to be on the D string but on the A string.

He was obviously referring to the open chord voicing of Fmaj - where in most cases, the ring finger will be placed on the D string.

Your fingers will grow.
and you'll be able to reach it, it just takes time.
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^Have you got your thumb behind the neck, as opposed to over it? Like this...

That position will give your fingers more space to work with as they're naturally spread out, gives you greater reach and allow your finger to be more evenly controlled.

As a last resort, have you tried fingering the D string with your pinky instead of your ring finger?

A picture of you holding, or trying to hold the chord would probably be of some help to anyone trying to help you, too. A visual aid to see exactly where you're going wrong.

Most beginners seem to have trouble with that particular chord, though - so you're not alone
Never tried with the pinky will try right now!



Yes it was easier....but still having problems making each string sound clearly (fingers touching other strings). I guess it's a matter of CNS adaption with the fingers :P This hardest of all chords learned (so far).
I must have scary hands/fingers, cause I can hit this chord with no trouble whatsoever. I've only been playing for 6 months, and I got it on my first try! I can even touch my middle finger with my thumb and play it :P

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Yeah, just try to get control of your first finger, if that's the problem. Pretend you're playing a C chord ('cept down a whole string), and instead of making your index finger stand up, flatten it. When I try that, I notice that my hand sorta bends towards the headpiece, so maybe try bending your hand? I dunno.
Practice. My hands are small, but I can play Little Wing which is all barre chords and holding a barre while hammering and pulling off and stuff. You have to practice it. My first guitar teacher did something to me that he called "surgery". He would hold my hand down in the shape of a barre chord to stretch and get my fingers used to it.