Rainbows on the wall
Butterflies on the ground
Doesn't make much sense
But it's brown!
All these things are in my head
Am I insane or am I dead?

Sky is green
Grass is blue
I am not
but so are you
I eat paper forget the bread!
Am I crazy or am I dead?

High step short step
Long step wide step
I have a plastic hip
I read the dictionary before bed
Am I Loony or am I dead?

Paper plates paper planes
Paper towels paper names
Now I dare you
To decipher what I just said
Am I insane?
.....Nope, just dead!


McMahan/Helvey composition #1

Read into it however you want.
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Is it meant to be serious because (I know you said read it however you want) it's funnier than serious. It just feels like you put random stuff down, half of which were taken from Dr. Seus and cliche poems. It's just feels unserious which I think it is and it's just to random. So, keep writing, this one is just a little to out there and average for me. I don't know what you're gonna do with it, but good luck on it.

Crit for crit?

Hey man I'm not sure if i should thank you or if i should be mad at you. its not a serious song at all but it was one of our first ones so we thouht we would put it up to see what people thought. i was just suprized when you said it was to average for you. what do you mean by average? Oh and we took nothing from Dr. seus. we meant it to be random. well thanx for the coment and the good luck dude.
peace, The WOODnotes
Yeah, didn't mean to offend you. I was just saying my opinons on it. It is your first song so don't get mad. The more you write, the better you become. My first song on here was a goofy song and I remember someone saying it had no redeeming qualities whatsoever but I got better the more I wrote. So good luck with writing.
yeah thanx man. you didn't offend we have better songs that we r gonna post later. just watch for us. how long have you been writing? well peace, The WOODnotes
I think I started seriously writing last February, and I have many a terrible songs. I still need improving, so keep at it. And remember, two posts a week, it's kind of an annoying rule, but just a heads up, cause I didn't know till recently and I had a few songs up at a time.
yeah man thanx for the heads up on that i don't wanna get kicked out. we've been writing for like a year now so we have our good ones and our bad ones. peace, WOODnotes
Ok, I want it recorded really mediocerly (sp?) and I want you screaming it over a gently strummed acoustic guitar. It would own.
Crit for Crit?
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lol thats funny. we sing it like we're crazy it sounds pretty good. but that would be funny if we recorded it once like that we'll see. peace, WOODnotes
Quote by WOODnotes
lol thats funny. we sing it like we're crazy it sounds pretty good. but that would be funny if we recorded it once like that we'll see. peace, WOODnotes
Yes, you could do your cut, and then you could do the "MastaBassist10" cut. That would be sweet.
lovin it man, i find it quite hilarious, i write a lot of funny things that arent really serious, including my famous (aat my school t least) apple seed song, but yeh i tihnk its really really good and as long as u play it like a crazy loony random way it shalt be kikarseage.

crit4crit, link is in my sig
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hey thanx man. we write abunch of funny weird songs. we tell people our genre is a funny rawk n' roll. and yeah we play it in random crazy dude way so it sounds awesome. thanx for the crit. peace, WOODnotes