Basically, ive noticed a load of sounds which i think sound awesome have some bits of feedback in them (often at the start) but as i havnt experimented with my electric that much i dont know how to get any. I was wonderin if there are some people who could explain to me how to get feedback from my guitar as youve probly really realised im a bit of a novice. Cheers
-stand near amp with high gain
OR -do a nartural harmonic and just hol dit (with high gain)
OR -sometimes you can just hold a note if your guitar has good sustain, and eventually itll become feedback
hope that helps (and is right)
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A truckload of gain, a good cranked amp, and about 30cm between your amp and you.

Oh, and earplugs.
put up really high gain, put your guitar night up next to your amp, and lightly tap the strings. dont fret one, just touch the strings lightly
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I saw a local band today who got a hell of a lot of really cool sounding feedback on a les paul, the guitarist had a natural harmonic and shook the guitar like mad, it got a really cool sound, then he threw his pick and i managed to get it :p

Anyway not sure if it works well but that's what he did
you dont even need a huge amp, i can do it on my practice amp
just stand facing your amp and be very close to it then expirement and find something that sounds sick
Put your pickups as close to your speaker as possible. Get right up against the grill. Even without much gain, at decent volumes it'll feedback.