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Ive just started playing solos, but i dont really know any awesome ones, could you suggest some
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well if youve just started then you probly wont be able to play it, but stairway to heaven and november rain
bon jovi has some great solos
richie samboras the ****in man.... look at "wanted" and "Livin On A Prayor"
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for solo starters i suggest sabbath bloody sabbath by black sabbath
erm, i dont know many easi-ish solos, i only know hard ones and ones that a 4 year old can do
Trivium - Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation

Roadrunner United - In The Fire (if anyone can play this properly, I salute you for playing the most kickass solo ever)
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Oh you wanted to know the best solo i know?
Roadrunner united have a hell of a lot of great solos, black sabbath, Ozzy, The rare slipknot solos are usually good but tend to be not too difficult, the outro solo on psycho by SOAD is good, slayer, maiden, pantera

I dont have one favourite solo, to many artists, bands, genres etc.
It's not the hardest thing in the world, but I can play the outro solo to Little Wing by Hendrix. That's a really pretty solo and not impossibly difficult so you might try that or one of the solos from Heaven by Los Lonely Boys if you're looking to learn.
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back in black by AC/DC, shouldn't be too hard :p (easier than stairway's for sure hehe)
well its not the best solo or the hardest but the solos for Avenged Sevenfold "I won't see you tonight pt.1" is pretty fun to do and you don't have to be very good to play it.
I don't really learn many solos.. I know Eruption, and a few of Brian May's, but that's it. I mostly improv 'em, if they're blues or rock songs.
The hardest solo I can play is the "Cemetery Gates" by Pantera solo, but some easy solos that would be easy for you...try some Hendrix stuff, his solos aren't very hard.
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well if youve just started then you probly wont be able to play it, but stairway to heaven and november rain

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Metallica- Seek and Destroy, once you get your blues solos down you can do stuff like this
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My hardest solos would be either Fade to Black's outro or Mr. Crowley's outro (though I struggle on Crowley wayyy more than Fade to Black).
The Easiest solo i can think of is probably smells like teen spirit - by nirvana. But my most favorite solo is probably the one in Simple Man - by lynyrd skynyrd.
=>Glenn Tippton's Painkiller solo is the best I know in metal music. Very carefully constructed, lots of techniques: sweeping, tapping, pinchs, extremely fast at some points, melody parts in it, overbends and a great variety of licks, not just a damn pentatonic box 1 that many would play. It is just great, it seems to speek itself.

=>Tony Iommi's Wheels of Confusion outro solo. It is not extremely fast or full with techiniques like painkiller, but it fits great as an outro.

=>Randy Rhoads Suicide Solution extended solo in the 'Tribute' album. Very fast, great tapping, neo-classical sound at many points.
Van Halen - Eruption, Jump, Panama
Jimi hendrix - star spangeled banner, voodoo child

nd loadsa other s**t
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well if your good you can try playing the second solo from cult of personality. but dont give your hopes up ive been playin for 12 years and havent been able to play it succesfully once.

the song is

cult of personality by living colour
solo by lead guitarist vernon reid

there is no finger picking at all and it is faster than the solo by eddie van halen in ice cream man.

but for simpler solos try iron man or warpigs by black sabbath. or comfortably numb by pink floyd
try "sweet child o mine", "paradise city" and "november rain" by guns n roses.
joe satriani does some awesome stuff too- try "just like lightnin" and "super colossal"
hmm, i know lots. The best solos i can play, (and my favourite solos of all time) are all of alter bridges.
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The best I know so far is the solo before the very hard one in "Master of Puppets" by Metallica.
The first solo starts at about 3:54 in the original.

The other one I partly know is "I Want To Break Free" by Queen, which is pretty short.

..And a little bit of the tap-on part of "Ride the Lightning"

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hm.....the best solo? hard to tell, there are so many....

But still one of my all-time favs iss Eddie Van Halen's solo on "Beat it" (M.Jackson) - check it out...absolutely awesome!

Eddie is God!
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I only know one, the first in master of puppets, so I guess its that. But I'm pretty determined to make the stairway solo my second...although I think that by the time I can play like 15% of that I'll have learned another.
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snowblind by black sabbath
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look at joe perrys solos they are pretty easy and kick ass at the same time. notably angel and amazing

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there's a collection album called "100 Greatest Guitar Solos", with 100 excelent ones from Beatles to Pantera, available on... er.. most filesharing systems (DC++, eMule, etc)
if needed (without being banned) i can copy the tracklist here, or send it in PM/e-mail
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