Whats the best tremolo/whammy/vibrato bar, that comes stock on the guitar? (in your opinion)
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official floyd rose, or a khaler
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Probably Kahler. Ibanez Edges and ZRs are great, too.

But I prefer fender bridges and vibratos. I can rest my hand comfortably on the saddles while playing. It's my favorite cos I find it the most comfortable, however, you can't dip and dive very far without going out of tune...
Official floyd rose or ZR pro in my opinion threadstarter nice family guy quote in your sig by the way.
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Ibanez Edge Pro, Edge Lo-Pro or ZR (from the S series) without a doubt, Original Floyd is great but its a bi-plane and the Ibanez's are jet fighters.
the copy and paste i have for most "is this a good floyd rose?" type threads

good trems (floyd double locking type):
Original Floyd Rose and Floyd Rose Pro
Ibanez Edge
Ibanez Lo-Pro Edge
Ibanez Edge Pro (NOT edge III, or edge pro II, some people find them ok but your milage may vary overall, try it out if you can)
Ibanez ZR
Schaller floyd rose or low profile floyd rose
Gotoh Floyds (who also make the good ibanez ones)

I believe the Ibanez ones are actually improved versions of the original though it may be down to more of a thing regarding the feel of it.
Fender Jazzmaster/Jaguar Trem.
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