Which Dean Guitars within $500 are the best? Should I get one?
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you shouldnt get one

ive never palyed the cheap ones, but based on their higher end models (razorbacs, cadalliacs and what not) they are horrible for their price. if dean were to slash the prices 50%, they MIGHT be worth it.
for 500, i suggest an ibanez (somoene give him a model) or a washburn
What? Cheap Deans aren't THAT bad. They're pretty solid in construction, if you get a good one.

But I will recommend an Ibanez RG321. Sure, everyone's got one, but it's a great guitar.
I own a dean baby V, that was £229 which is great price, it was the best guitar in the local guitar shop that wasnt too dear (the ibanez's were £600) some deans are good but can be pricey, i suggest get a different guitar as other brands are way better for the price.
^im basing my opinion on the higer end ones. the lower end models may be great, but if its a reflection from the higher end ones, then they would be crap.
lately i havnt played a dean that doesnt need a solid pickup change i bought a z for 600 in classic white and dropped duncans in it it sounds good now, but i hear the Noirs arent that bad, but for a good cheap guitar id say an ibanez SZ mahogany bodies set necks IBZ/SD pickups which kinda arent great but better than most stock IBZ pickups