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Art-Galleries And The Lonely Guy

I always figured you were one of those typical "dumb blonde's"
But oh, how smart you were for leading me on all those months
It seems I was the one who was baffled by your antics
Always showing me your coy smile, batted eyelashes and pouted lips

How I was the jester amongst the king's court, where the king was my mind
And how the practice self-sacrifice was the joke of the times

And I wish I was better at the art of communication
But I was never good at drawing, taking pictures or ceramics
Nor was I any good at story-telling or the ability to teach
So I guess you'll just have to settle for this Picasso-esque style of speech
Isn't abstraction the essence of true love and affection anyway?

Apparently not for I am still standing in front of the frame
Trying to decipher the hidden meaning on the canvas
While holding your ticket in my empty, out-stretched arm

This room is silent but there is something keeping you up at night
You twist in the sheet and sweat through the bed
Could it be hidden behind these picture frames?
Those picture form the booth on your second date
Were she first kissed you
And the surprised look on your face
The way you both laughed when you saw it

Do these conversations still run through your head?
Can you here what she is saying?
Are you still hanging on to every word?
Like they were the ones you heard for so long

You always thought you?d be invulnerable to an attack like this
But she meant so much more then you wanted
And now she won?t go away
And you?re fighting the phone
You know it?s too late and she won?t answer
But you finally decide to show audacity

Now what will you say
Come on now it?s not time to be tact
This is your chance will you use
You?ve got her full attention now
So will you stand like a lion?
Or tremble like the little kid you still are

Haha you still have 2 days Fred.

Relax relax.
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