okay i have a pedal board and an amp with an effects loop, is there a certain order the pedals have to go in to get the best sound??? my effects include delay, chorus, pitch shifter, EQ, and auto-wah. if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
well wah is always first...im surprised that you have no distortion pedals.
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Interesting set of effects... honestly, I'm not so sure where you would want to place the EQ. Excluding that, I'd say experiment with any of the following...

Guitar > Wah > EQ > Pitch Shifter > AMP > (effects loop.....chorus > delay)

Guitar > Pitch Shifter > Wah > EQ > AMP > (effects loop.....chorus > delay)

(just try switching the placement of the wah, eq, and pitcher shifter aroud until you find a place where you like it, there is no "right way", it's whatever sounds great to you... you may even want the EQ pedal in the effects loop, honestly I don't know, I've never bothered experimenting with an EQ pedal)
well im confused you put the effects loop in parenthesis but my pedal board goes into the effects loop, the send from the effects loop in going into the input of the pitch shifter and the effects loop return is going into the output of my boss chromatic tuner pedal.
Well... "Ideally" you would run the Pitch Shifter & Wah between the guitar and amp, and then other types of effects usually fit best inside the effects loop (so that they're after the amp's distortion, etc). For example, modulation effects such as chorus, flanger, delay, and such sound their best after distortion (IE, in the loop). Frankly, it's a bit of hassle to setup with a pedal board (why I dont bother with one, lol).

I'm a little confused, is this what you meant...

Guitar > Amp > (effects loop...Pitch Shifter [IE, pedal board] > Chromatic Tuner)

This is what I would do:

Guitar --> Auto-Wah --> Pitch Shifter --> Amp

And in the effects loop: Send --> Chorus --> EQ --> Delay --> Return
thanks to all of you for your help, i understand now and yes cyber alien that is what i meant, thanks again
having lots of effects is tricky. its really all a trial and error thing that can take years to figure out (like the guitarist for Incubus). In a way theres really no right and wrong way to configure your pedals, because when it comes down to it whatever sounds good you is the right way. But there are good starting points for it, and Cyber nailed it.

but yeah, if you find a way that sounds better, go with that.