i was looking at this guitar
in a store today, it played great and when i asked the price the owner told me it was $360, so i figure there has to be something wrong with these guitars. can anybody help me out here?
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Look on youtube.com- search "rediculously hard classical **** that no one in their right mind would try" and you'll find some 5 year old asian kids playing it
I don't know about there guitars but they make some really nice amps and it looks like a good deal if it plays nice go for it

O and the quote in your sig is on a T-shirt incase you didn't know actually a lot of those posts where on a a shirt
marc rizzo plays peavey now hes a good guitarist but he kinda will play anything, the HP series was a good guitar and their millinium bass is amazing
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well, EVH's sig guitar is a Peavey... but their amps, basses and other sound equipment is not at all bad for the price.

No, that ended a while back.
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I don't know about there guitars but they make some really nice amps...

I 100% would have to agree, I think Peavey makes some of the nicest amps.
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i got a peavey falcon at a pawn shop for $100. it came with a kahler tremolo standard. i'd say go for the peavey, they are the best value i've found, and many are made in america.
yeah...everytime i go to my local shop i play the rotor and i love it. it plays so nicely and ....firm? it sounds great too, for being stock.
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