Are whammy bars better to have or should I get one without it?

If you can help that would be awsome!
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I would go with the whammy bar
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Thats not really somthing you can just ask, I personally cant stand them. But alot of guitarists cant live without them. It's just somthing that your going to have to figure out for yourself. Just startt messing around with a few guitars in your local guitar store, and figure out what wanks you in the right direction.
They are not good if you just starting to playing guitar and if you break a string on say a Floyd Rose bridge or Kahler they are a bitch to retune because the tension on the springs changes. But if it is a strat bridge they are fun to goof around with but they are very limited to what you can do with the strat ones.
Nah, you are seriously better off getting something with a String through or Fixed Bridge considering you are a beginner.
fixed bridge = good for beginners, i regret using a bar on my strat when i got it, because i wasted a lot of time and sucked with it.

i use my floyd rose on my dime 333 and i love it for harmonics and crazy dives, but a lot of people make fun of me as it takes forever to get it to work, but once it does its great.

floyd=use bar later
any non locking bridge= dont use bar for anything but a SMALL vibrato (imo)
string thru or fixed = best for you right now (IMO, again)
hmmm... well depends if your a beginner and get a decent trem then yeh its alright but if you get a shoddy one then god knows whats going to happen
I'd recommend beginners to get a fixed bridge, like a tune o matic or string through. Wait until you can play well, like 2 or 3 years then try out some guitars with floyd roses. It'll only put beginners off to have to change the strings on a floyd when they can barely play the guitar.
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