OK i was thinking of buying an iommi SG, or an SG. But i just been looking at the reviews of some fenders. e.g the deluxe. and the HSS, just wondering what is the best strat. And would it suit me beter than a SG, considering i play Blues based solos (cream), and hard rock (black sabbath). How does this compare
On early Cream records clapton used SG's and les pauls, and sabbath obviosly uses gibsons or humbucker guitars, so I would go with the SG if thats all you play. Fat strats are way more versitile though.
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anyway, like -jeff- said, clapton used an SG for a while, and you might want to consider the SG if you like that heavier stuff. remember theres no hums on a strat.. but i suppose you could put them in if u really wanted to.

in terms of blues-based solos, an SG would be great for that. Angus Young made it work, so you probably could too get the Gibby SG standard if you can afford it, but if not i suppose the epiphone will do, although it pains me to know that i just approved someone getting an epiphone...

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