Hey Im Back! Havent been on the net in 8 months!!! so probably none of you remember me anyway..But heres a new tune called "Leave the Lights On" http://wg3.dmusic.com
Let me know what you think.. and of course Crit For Crit.
Damn it feels good to be back.
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This is very "personal", you got your own really cool style. I turned my stereo louder and louder because it rocked

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The echo on the vox is a bit ott, and the backing guitar is a little too distorted, but it's cool! I'll give a better crit when I'm not drunk

It's good to hear someone that actually tunes their guitar before they record
warrmgguunn WOOHOO....so good to see a familiar face im also back after a long while....just uploaded a song too eehhehe...

ok....listening to ur song as i type....dude, this song is really great. ur voice sounding better than ever lol....also mixed very well, u got the whole reverb and stuff down very well, wish i had that ability great electric guitar interlude.....**** this song is really good!! wow and ur voice doesnt waver under the stressed part....glad u're back, coz this is some great stuff
WOW! Great job...

Jesus with all these ****ty artists out here you should be in the mainstream man.

Very nice, very nice.
WOOW!! Really cool playing. I like the part where the drum and the electric guitar kicks in. The guitar solo is cool. The two voices which sing (or how much people are singing?) The beginning of the songs is good too. And I really liked the echo......great job !

And by the way thanks for the crit!!


is there anyone else who wanna crit my song(s)?


The production quality when the extra instuments kicked in, dropped tremendously,

The guitar doesnt need that much echo.

There is a bunch of clipping during the scond have of the song.

some really punchy S's in the vocals at points. Its pretty emotional, but you dont need a huge ass load of volume, all it does it make the track clip.

The tone on the second solo was really horrible.

The singing is does get pitchy, but nothing too bad.

It was good though, I'm just pointing out the bad stuff.
I realy like the background guitar (the part that's higher than the rest).
The echo on the singing could be turned down a bit (it makes it sound a little fake)

The singing was nothing to write home about but it carries the message, which is all that matters. Good job!
mine: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=391108
with some better production it would sound awesome!

Edit: Too much frequancy jumpling (The acoustic & bass mess together=not sound the best)
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The guitar was nice. The vocals are what really impressed me though. Also the instruments that you added are really nice and if you did all that by yourself I give you alot of props. Id just work on the quality honestly. Its hard to say what to work on. The electric guitar is a nice add over the acoustic. Also the bass with the acoustic makes it sound a little jumbled. You may not even need the bass in there really... you could try that out. But yeah I like it though

heres my song:
I like this song. A lot of cool things going on.... Your voice is very good too, allthough you have some pitch issues there. Nothing big though. All in all, this is pretty awesome. You've got talents and skill. Keep it up!

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As usual, you're songs are an experience to behold. The echo on the vox reminds me of Chris Isaak. The little lead line you're running should be a little more complex and is a bit buried in the mix... although I do like how you fade it in on the 2nd round of them. Its still a little too low in the mix though and a bit too basic for someone of your caliber.
Hey man, welcome back! Thanks for the crit on our song

Anyway, onto yours. Love the Lennon style vocals! (as well as the backing vocals) Good effect there with the all the instruments coming in at a certain point. Great melodies too.
Nice lead, has an Oasis feel.

Good work mate! Keep writing
Maybe it's because my speakers are blown, but I didn't hear all the clipping I've heard about. I do agree that the delay on the lead guitar is completely unnecessary, it doesn't really add anything, and it's not on time with the music. Everything else about it I love, although you might turn down the vocals a tad.
Its true, things do get muddy with the bass, don't take it out, but maybe get some more treble in the bass, try and make it less muddy and more crisp. At the "fade away" part things really muddy up, and just seem to mosh...

Could really use some more time on the production, still, nice song. And nice to see you back, I'm still here asking for my 30 second clips to be critted, lol. Here's the latest:

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