alright guys here's my plan im gonna record this with a girl that works for me who has a great voice, but for now this is just a rough guide track, i was wanting to know what you guys thought, i just did it once through so there is a bum note or two etc.. but please have a listen i will crit back


The song is at the bottom of the page

Nice. You might want to speed up the tempo though cause if this song drags, it doesn't sound as good.
I can't believe you just about nailed that intro! That's one of my favorite intros ever, and you did it justice.
Not much else to say, though. Your tone's pretty nice, and it sounds like you know all the other parts. Just get vocals in there, do the full thing, and see if you can add that keyboard backing or whatever that is. That'd be sweet.
As far as rough drafts go, I'd say that deserves a 9.5/10. Sweet job on the intro, once again.
hey ken thats cool your in Renton, im actually running local ads to start a band or at least jam, im also a singer and spend most of my time on that writing songs etc... i loved this song so much and wanted a chick to do the vocals, but you should check out some of my other stuff email me at justinmcguinn@gmail.com if you want to jam etc..

and thanks to everyone for the comments, i love the intro as well and can play it a lot better now than i could a week ago i recorded about 24hrs after learning it.
i used a marshall condenser on a washburn acoustic for the acoustic tone, the electric was a sennheiser dynamic micing a Peavey XXL combo, being played by a Fender Fat Strat, yeah the electric part doesn't sound quite as good, i don't have that much experience recording electric verses acoutic and vocals
yea, mainly just the electric and it is alittle slow
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Wasn't bad, the intro just needs to be played with a little more legato and power at certain parts, but noone can match the original, she had to have classical training and all.