K, this might be a dumb question, but i went to guitar center today and played the Epiphone Sheraton II, which i very much liked. I would like to buy a white one, but I went on musiciansfriend.com today and noticed that they only have like two or three colors. I then went on google and found a picture of white one, so now I'm confused. Can anyone who owns this guitar or might have knowledge of it help me?
The Epiphone site only lists the availbe finishes as ebony ("black"), vintage sunburst and natural (you might have mistaken this for white?)
you can get it sprayed regardless

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im sure that the only semihollow that epi do in white is the dot studio? please correct me if im wrong.
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There are a few Sheraton 2s out there in white although they are very hard to source, maybe they didn't sell as well. Your best bet is to try google until you get one.

Sorry for not being to helpful mate.