Poll: The Red Hot Chili Peppers or the Foo Fighters?
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View poll results: The Red Hot Chili Peppers or the Foo Fighters?
Red Hot Chili Peppers
13 81%
Foo Fighters
3 19%
Voters: 16.
Ok so I know this guy, and he lives on the Foo Fighters, and said they were better than the Chilis, but we took a poll in my music class and put him in his place....even the teacher sed the Chilis. Personally I like the Foos but the Chilis are waaaaaaaaaay better, so I thought I'd open it to a wider audience.

EDIT: Ok I wasn't too clear, who do u prefer to listen to, or who do u think has the most talent, not really a comparison of sound, just popularity.
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they are completely differnet badn though
even if it jsut plainly is in rock
chilis have some kidna weird funyk psyuchadelic twang
foo fighters are like screamy hard riffs
so its hard to say
but chilis would be said for talent
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This is like comparing Black Sabbath to the Steve Miller Band. There's no comparing to be done, because they aren't any similarities to compare. I like them both for what they are, and don't really consider one to be above the other.
However, RHCP will win because their latest album is more recent than FF.
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Both were good bands once upon a time, both their latest albums totally blew. Theyre are pretty equal these days IMO.

But say my favorite albums by them Blood Sugar.... vs The Color and the Shapes, I would have to give it the Foo Fighters.