I've searched the forums, but couldn't find anything to help me, but if anyone knows of a thread that answers this question, pleaase feel free to direct me to it and close this thread.

My query is about tuning my guitar to C, F, B, E, G, C, which is 2 straight tunings down from standard.

I've seen Open C and Drop C, but these tunings are noted to be such that the player can fret a power chord with one finger.

I don't want to do that. I want to play normally as I would play in standard E tuning, just with a lower, darker tone.

I am interested to hear what experienced guitarists think about this.

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you might want thicker strings if you're gonna do that though, they can get kinda sloppy with the thinner gauges

or maybe a baritone guitar? but im guessing you dont have one of those, neither do I. Does anyone?
The guy from staind tunes down to Ab or Bb i believe.
But for a darker tone, you can get heavier gauges, a baritone maybe, or just stick with 2 steps down.
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If I were going to tune that low I'd either use a 7 string, or get my guitar modded to take a thicker guage and put either a 7th string or a bass string, and just string it down instead of tuning it down. But that's just me. You've got a lot of better options for handling a tuning that low than simply tuning a standard set down.

Like spending your money on a bass instead (besides, it'll sound better that low, it's got a longer scale length).
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try this link http://www.guitar-school-online.com/lesson26.html read on this part ....

The note (1) needs to be moved 2 frets to the right. The other way, is where you don't need to find the note you want to tune to. For example, you want to tune to Drop D, but you don't need to use the D note. You know from the 5th fret rule that the 5th fret of a string is the string below it's open note, so you know the 5th fret A string is the same as the A string open. Also, the D note on the E string is two frets from the 12th fret, so just add two frets from the A note, which gives you the 7th fret.................................................

does it help???? so D on 7th Fret, C on 9th Fret, B on 10 and so on.... apply it to the other strings..
I play on a baritone and use Dean Mark .13-.56

You'll want to invest in very thick strings--like my Dean Marks--or get a baritone Baritone strings can't play that high though (I found out the hard way and broke a string).

Your standard scale length guitar MIGHT be able to take those strings, but it will need to be set up differently.
Here man. What you're talking about is C standard, not open C tuning. Don't worry.

In order to C open, all you need to do is tune your lowest string to C, which is obviously 2 steps lower than E, which is standard. Then, all you do is tune your guitar the same way you would tune by ear.

C, F, B, E, G, C is, like you said standard C tuning.

C, G, C, G, C, E is C open tuning, which is the tuning you were talking about, when you can play a power chord with 1 fret. They're not the same, don't worry.

Though as a personal note, C is a really really really low way to tune your guitar. I would tune it up to D standard if I were you, unless there's some reason you need C standard tuning.

Edit: Baratone guitars are orgasmic...though you tune them to B or lower usually, I believe. (Not positive on that) They're not as all purpose as standard guitars in my opinion.
Thanx, everyone for your replies.
Since I'm not in a position to buy a new baritone guitar right at this moment, I might just go with the standard down 2 step and get some thicker stings.
Thanks again, very much.

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