Seen in your clothes of a perfect match,
To the stereotype to which you are known,
Shinning silky hair in colors so rich, with skin just as soft to match.
Finally observed is the ghosted cast smeared over your body.
You?re the person they wish they could be, but only dream that they are.

What you see is not what you get.
At long last I can seen under this fake.
Entranced by beauty seen by all,
I kissed his lips to clear my eyes.

Enter with ink pen and parchment, perfection on paper.
With free hand form they can make your paper dreams flawless.
They can draw your figure as an ideal paragon,
And hold you captive in their desire for you.
The fake they?ve been perfecting is now complete.


What of the writing just below your skin?
The nightmare truth you can?t ignore.
Now awakend by the slamming of a closed door,
I can see past my blindfold, you?re to scared to remove.


As the only one who took off my blindfold
Am I now seeing to clearly?

[ ] =scream

Anger comes on; I must have done something wrong?
Your head storms in rage,
But your heart beat?s controlled within your chest.
Anger rising, close to peak,
Sharp exhale, inhale deep,
Fists are tightening while teeth stiffen in clench.
[The back of my neck now chilled by your sharp breaths,
I know the pulsing rhythm of your anger.]

You lost control, something you could never sense.
I can?t find hope, some way to stop this,
And not ever harm you; I can?t let me hurt you,
Why won?t I let myself hurt you now?

[You never give up; you?ll make sure that I pay?
You?re my question unanswered, untouchable.]


Carried on reels of film, a show of uneasy life behind bright eyes of beauty.
Inside and out, your figure is shadowed with a case of punished emotions.
Held down by your hands and quivering arms, the pain I pass by,
Under the anger, I know you?re my savior.
Each day I find my love for you growing stronger,
You?re becoming the blood in me and the air I breathe,
Soon I won?t be able to go on without you.


[You?ll always hurt me, I?ll never touch you.]
I know you don?t know,
But you stop me from doing a lot of stupid things,
Just because I love you.

Im not to sure about either of them so wat do u think?