alright, i wanna see what ppl think. i know this might end up being guitarists vs. bassists but whatever. this is not who is your favorite necessarily. this is a who is more influental poll. jaco pastorious vs. jimi hendrix. i say jaco, but thats just me.
Why did you even ask this. Look at all the interviews when they ask what were your influences and you'll get about 1000 Hendrix to 1 Pastorious. I really don't get what you were trying to accomplish here pretty dumb question.
im more a bassist than guitarist but jimi was still more influential and definitely more widely known
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i would have to say jimi is more influential overall but thats cause he was more mainstream. hendrix is a guitarist and pastorious is a bassist so everyone whos a guitarist is more than likely going for hendrix and everyone who is a bassist is more than likely going for pastorius. my suggestion for this is that people who both play guitar and bass seriously should vote.