hi all

i am loving this version of rape me atm, it shouldve stayed like this (home demo of kurt's) instead of the electric guitar version on the album

anyways, its recorded with a comp mic, and trying not to wake my parents up with my singing and bit embarassed by it....i'd love to do it again when they out of the house, but u can go and listen to the original beauty of kurt rather


its under the "2006" section......

EDIT: i re-recorded it with a bit more "kurt angst"....im not sure if it came off well.

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nice its ok liked it a lot it reminds me to getaround to recording lol
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holy crap, you got that painful voice thing that Kurt had down pretty damn well! I haven't heard this version of rape me yet, but at first I misread your post and thought it was the original Cobain recording you totally rocked the polly cover too

any chance you'll be doing his cover of 'Oh me' anytime soon? I'd love to hear your take on it

P.S. I'm listening to the creepy cover of 'About a girl' now...at 2am with the lights out, what a twisted concept! (yet quite brilliant, I might add) not only do you sing like Kurt but you think like him too If I die in my dreams I'm blaming you
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hahhaha....."oh me"? yeh maybe

thanks for the comment. i thought i'd re-record it as i was home alone and could really let loose altho maybe too much.....a bit of clipping...im not sure whether i'd go with the softer one or this new one? hehehe thats for you to comment on....

much appreciated
hmmm how on-topic of you but nothing wrong with doing a cover of a cover? would be more inclined to do "where did you sleep last night" tho. errrr....back on topic? *blush*

hey guitar, wat do u think was wrong with the vocals? i know i aint good, but also i know i was a little too close to the mic and some parts came out a bit dist and clippy
As Jhonen Vasquez would say: Spooky. Is that version on the 'With The Lights Out' Box Set? Eerily similar to Kurt man. Good song.
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