I have a CRATE amp, and i CANNOT find ANYTHING on it. It's called a GT120H, and it's a half stack. It has tube pre-amps, and there is nothing on the CRATE site about it in the GT series. Also, i don't know of anyon that has heard of it. The head lights up, like the tube amps, but i cannot find info about it anywhere. Has anyone heard of this amp?
u sure its not gt1200h? look at crateamps.com, go under products, and go to gt series, click gt1200h
Maybe its discontinued. And I've never heard of Crate making hybrids; you either get straight SS or straight tube.
i have a crate and its very reliable still works like the day I got it... :O
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GAHHHHH. I read the label wrong. It's a GT120HL. But that still doesnt make it easier.. it's still not on the site.