So, I've got a Marshall DSL100 with the 1960a cab, and I can honestly say the gain isn't enough for me. I realize I'm not looking for a rectifier tone, and this is a british amp, but what cab would give me a tighter, more aggressive sound? As far as anything up to hard rock goes, this thing works great. It just tends to get way too beefy when I use an eq or overdrive pedal in front of it.

My current guitar is a les paul custom with the emg 81/85 set. I plan on changing out the stock tubes with JJ's eventually.

Many people recommend the AV with the v30s, as well as mesas, but I'd kind of like some opinions tailored to what I'm looking for. I don't get many chances to try out different cabs and amps, so if anyone could lead me in a certain direction that would be great.
Dude, try getting an EQ pedal or rackmount EQ. I use a rackmounted EQ with my JCM900 and I can get a good heavy Recto sound out of it. Especially with a booster in front of the amp.

[edit] nvm i just read your post.

maybe sell the amp and get a Recto then...a cab isnt going to do all that much for your sound.
I think you might have to change amps. Out of your rig, the biggest tone shaping thing is the amp. If you can't remotely get the tone out of that, a new cab isn't going to drastically change the sound. Maybe look into ENGL's. I hear that they are nice high gain and british voiced.
The thing is I don't want a rectified, metalcore sound, I want better, more articulate gain. I want to be able to do iron maiden, gnr, older metallica, zakk wylde, ect. I know they mostly used jcm800's, but the dsl100 is a more modern version of those, so why shouldn't I be able to achieve around those tones? I haven't had many distortion/od pedals to use, but my 10 band eq tends to just get it really fat sounding.

On a side note, I realize matt heafy of trivium uses a tsl, but I'm curious as to how he achieves such metal tones with that amp. I don't believe a dsl should be that much different, but it seems as though the amp isn't as rockin as it should be.

Thanks for the advice so far, though.

For anyone who has/has used this amp, is it just me, or is lead 2 completely useless tonally? I mean not only does it sound terrible no matter how it is dailed in, it also kills the headroom by scooping the mids!

I'd just like to add that selling the amp isn't really an option. I've become determined to make this amp work for me.
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The tones you hear are probably cranked tube amps at their finest. You aren't going to be getting that sound at practice levels. Maybe check out attenuators. They will let you crank the amp and still get lower volumes but with the sound you want.
try like BASS: 8 MIDS: 3-4 HIGHS: 6 PRESENCE: 4 GAIN: 8-9

Maybe have the Deep switch on...as well as the Tone Shift...?
Deep - off
Presence - 4
Treble - 8.5
Mid - 4
Bass - 5

Tone shift - off
Reverb channel B - 0
reverb channel A - 3

Ultra Gain Channel
volume - 5
gain - 10
Set on Lead 1

Classic Gain Channel
volume - 5
gain - 4
set on Clean

Should I run an overdrive in front of the crunch channel, or should I run it in front of the ultra gain channeL? I've got an ISP Decimator, so noise shouldn't be a problem.

I've currently got my pedalboard with a bbe sonicstomp, isp decimator, mxr 10 band eq, boss ce-2 super chorus, mt-2 metal zone (never use with this amp), chromatic tuner, Crybaby from Hell.

I'm gettin an epi valve junior soon, and I'd like to get an overdrive pedal. I'll eventually get a boss sd-1 and get it modified by keeley, but i've also been looking into the DOD yngwie od pedal (only $30 at zzounds.com). I would probably go with a maxon or whatnot, but I can't spend more than $75 on a pedal at the moment.

Does anyone have an opinion about the mxr distortion +? Randy used one, and I definately like his tone, and would settle for that with this amp, but I'm cautious about using a distortion pedal on a tube amp after hearing what my mt-2 sounded like
When you want to get the best sound out of the amp make sure youre just running straight into the amp with the guitar ya know what i mean.

Deep - ON
Presence - 4
Treble - 6
Mid - 4
Bass - 8

Try that maybe...
Yeah I've done that as well, I've actually gotten better tones with the pedalboard and the BBE, but it just seems to get too warm and fat.

Eventually I'll get voodooamps to do the deluxe mod, but until then I'll just replace the tubes and mess around with some overdrive pedals.

Thanks again.
Rackmount DBX Compressor and BBE Sonic Maximizer. Problem solved.

It could also be your pickups too. EMG's are muddy sounding pickups for metal. Have you tried it with different guitars?
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