It's a Dean Markley 50 watt. My friend left it at my house and has a got a new one since and he said i could keep it. Also is it a bass amp or an electric guitar amp.
o yeah wat's ur opinion on an Peavey Rage 158 50-watt amp. i bought it and i have a begginer ear probly since i've only played on 3 amps my hole life and 3 guitars... so anything on that would be great.
I have no clue about the Dean Markly. I think it may just be a beginner amp.

The Peavey Rage 158 is actually 15 watts. Rage 15(watts)8(inch speaker). I have one and its not bad for just playing around the house but after a while you will get tired of it. You shoudl probably look into picking up a distortion pedal for it too. The built in distortion isn't that great.
yeah i just noticed i typed in 50 watts on the peavey. i wasnt thinkin when i typed it