Okay, kind of a stupid question. But I'm trying do decide which amp has more versatility. Is the 30 loud enough to do a gig with it?The ideal size place would be like a coffee shop, and alongside some other people playing instruments.I would think I would be okay with the 30 because if I need a louder sound, i can just plug it to the venue's PA system. Now the 60 has a switchfoot, but the 30 doesn't, unless I read the descprition wrong. They both have the lineout and stuff. I'm pretty tight with money and I'm just starting out with the whole band thing. I have $240 right now, so would it be wise to just buy the 30 or wait for the 60?
If you are going to have access to a PA system for micing it, you might as well just go with the 30. If you are going to have to crank the 30, then go with the 60. It also depends on what type of music. Some music isn't going to be played as loud as other styles so you may not need to worry about it. I would just go with the 30 unless you are going to be gigging other places without PA's.
Now i think of it, if I were to play at my backyard with a full band, will the 30 be allright ?
Get the 60watt. It will give more clean headroom before the horrible feedback at high volumes that the cube makes. It also has a 12 inch speaker and 1 or 2 more amp models.
It also has three seperate footswith connections. With the 30 you have to use your first footswitch to change between clean and distortion but you can half plug it in to be able to chnage between effects being on and off. You cant even have both as far as I know.

With the 60 you can even have a footswitch for reverb and delay. Plus its just designed a bit better, the volume is realy nice, especially if you are gigging already and there isthe extra Dyna amp model.
okay, say I will buy a pedalboard, Digitech RPX400. How will this work? Ahh, how bad am i degrading myself with these questions..lol.

so from what it sounds like, I should go for the 60..Right now i have enough for the 30.
^Save for the 60, or maybe consider a Vox AD50VT if the Cube doesn't compliment your music style. (Cube 60 is only really better for Metal, Vox beats the Cube in every other category)

Just letting you know, just in case you weren't aware of that.