Ok, so I am goign to be upgrading the pups in my Epi Les Paul. The pups currently in it are hot enough really. I was thinking about the normal Seymour Duncan JB and Jazz because they are pretty much basic and versatile. I play in a hardcore band currently so my tone is a little heavy. I like the sound of the JB through my amp. Other than my band, I play anything from Metallica and hardcore to blues and RHCP. Basically anything.

What would be the best pickup set for me to get compareable to the JB and Jazz?

Should I just buy the JB and Jazz?

Swinesheads... barenuckles? I am in the US.
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BKs if you have no budget... but Swineys aren't bad either

I do have a budget. Probably about $150 at most. This is birthday money that is getting me this upgrade.
Bill Lawrence L500's, xl bridge, r or c neck. Excellent pickups. Not just for Dimes sound.
Swinehead Xbucker bridge, runaway neck
BK...I'm not certain (I haven't heard these live)
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Would real Gibson Pickups fit what I want? I found a set with a 490R and a 498T for $80. I could either do that or I could get the SD pups used somewhere also.
I'm going to have to say GFS. They are really high quality, inexpensive pickups. Kind of the US answer to Swinesheads.
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Swinesheads... barenuckles? I am in the US.

Don't bother with those if you're in the US, it's not worth the hassle or $$$.

I'm not sure how much High order pickups cost but look into those, and SD pickups (not seymour duncan... Stephens Design.) and Wolfetone Pickups (I'm not sure if it's spelt like that I often get it confused with the amp company.)

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I'm going to have to say GFS. They are really high quality, inexpensive pickups. Kind of the US answer to Swinesheads.

How nice can they really be compared to SD or swines? You can get them for about $30 a pickup on guitarfetish.com.
^ from what I hear, gfs are good for the price, and that's it. SH would own them, in other words. From hearsay.

I second power freak. Swineys are great, but yeah, probably not worth it from the USA. However, price wise, I think you're limited to high order, which is like a 10 week wait. If you're willing to wait, go high order (EDIT: though check just in case the waiting time has gone down). If not, check out those other two, and if they're over budget, go swineys- probably warthog bridge, condor or runaway neck (closest to the jb and jazz).
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