How is the sound and quality of Danelectro Pedals. I found the Delay for $45 and was thinking about picking it up. I don't need this for live playing. It would just be for practice at my house really. I don't want to drop $150 for a pedal.

How is the quality of their EQ pedal and all the other ones also?


EDIT: I was thinking about picking this up... http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Danelectro-DJBlues-Pedal-Kit?sku=151890
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The delay is comparable to the Boss DD-3, it's probably a very similar circuit, just cheaper components and casing. It's a very good delay for 45 bucks. The EQ is one of the standouts as well. Those are the only two I've tried (besides the flange, which is nothing really special), so I can't speak for any of the others on that board, but I'd just buy 2-3 of the regular Danos, not the board deal. I'd start with those two (EQ/delay), and then maybe one of the OD pedals they offer.

Some of the Dano pedals are highly underrated, alot of people that put them off probably haven't given them a good run through. Maybe they're just too focused on pricing.
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