Hey. I am building my 4uzz pedal and im trying to create some different transistors for different sounds in the sockets. Does anyone know of a website that tells transistor values and what their uses are. I found this: http://www.kpsec.freeuk.com/components/tran.htm , but it doesnt have most of the transistor values. I want to know so I can decide what to put in for a lower gain setting, what to put in for a higher gain setting, what to put in for a little of each. So if you guys could find me something like a chart for that.

Also, with capacitors, the higher the value the more treble, and the lower the value the more bass? Is that what it is, or opposite? And lastly, nF, uF, pF. Can you tell me, from lowest value to highest value, the order.

Thanks for all that.